By witchcreations

Homeschool day 1

We made a great start, (good to know the principle works, but it requires soooo much energy) 
Up and at em doing my day job until 09:30 then... 
A bit of PE (running, skipping and scooting around the close with cuddly toys) 
Snack based maths lesson... fractions and sharing out the chocolate mini eggs fairly.
Reading- using the computer to work through some of her phonics books-(little un really got into it)
Then we made soup together
and scoffed lunch before painting a rainbow and  going on a Rainbow Scavenger hunt
back home for a few more arts and crafts 
Then we both got fed up of each other and started bickering a bit, so I did washing up and little un pottered around the close on her bike. 
Then Dave clocked off work and I clocked back onto the day job for a couple of hours until it was time to make dinner... 

It was a really nice start,  but full on and I am seriously going to have to work on getting her glued to tv and computer screens... she does not spend enough time sat on the sofa... 

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