Just for Ewe

I walked to the SFC pond today minus the usual cemetery loop since I left rather late in the day.  We had our first food deliveries and it took awhile to wash everything with soap and water before bringing it into the house.  The local grocery store delivery went smoothly.  There was only one item Heinen's couldn't provide.  The Aldis delivery was mostly ok, but somehow we didn't get several vegetables ordered that were paid for.  I requested a credit so we'll see if we get it.

I'm anxious to start sewing  masks tomorrow for the 100 Million Mask Challenge.  I'm delighted to have some way to contribute aside from taking all necessary precautions. Local hospitals have yet to add info on this to their websites but it’s in the works. It's wonderful news that a self-administered virus test has been manufactured and will be available at local hospital drive-through testing sites.  

Thanks again for your visits, comments, and stars.  I'm glad to know that so far all of you are well.  Let's keep it that way.  Sending best wishes :)

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