By TrishaR


Cardio workout this morning, breakfast then down to the greengrocer for the fruit and veg then the butchers, where they are operating quite rightly a two customer only in the shop with a couple of chairs outside. a d hand gel on arrival.  Surprised that their stocks were so low compared to last Monday when we were there.  No chicken or eggs left!

Trip to M and S for a bit of salmon and some crisps.  We are stocked up till Saturday when I will need to do my mum shop.  Perth streets were pretty much deserted, folks are adhering to the rules.  

Had a chill out with my book after a video call with my two friends Catherine and Gunga.  Been texting mum too and thankful she is tech savvy concerning keeping in touch with her I pad.

After hearing of an address to the nation from Bojo at 830, decided to wrap up Cameron’s present and make, yes make a birthday card.  Found a you tube video of how to draw a Harry Potter figure so gave it a good shot and surprisingly turned out well.  Went down to their house to leave his present at the door and  managed to stand in their bench outside the window and take a pic of them chilling out and they never even noticed me!  LOL!

It’s tough not being able to sit and chat with your nearest and dearest and this is something that we took for granted.  Am missing this.

No surprise to hear of Lockdown - herd immunity was a shocking early decision and apart from flooding the NHS, causing much more deaths.

The freedom that we took for granted is temporarily halted in the name of saving lives and flattening the curve.  Let’s hope this happens.

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