wild & precious life

By IrwellRiver

Pendle witch

A frenzied day of preparing!

Work has just been non - stop frenzy anyway, since last week, and Mondays are supposed to be "off" for me! Emails and phone calls and texts and what's app messages continued to fly in my direction, zooming through cyberspace a bit like this Pendle witch on her broomstick!

Eldest daughter went back to Leeds with her boyfriend so he could complete his chainsaw licence assessment. It was 1:1 & at a safe distance so went ahead. He passed! Whilst he did that, daughter was packing up his gear.
They then drove back, not to ours, but his...a farm in beautiful, rural Northumberland where they have planned to spend their time in lockdown.
She's got lots of stuff with her, including her paints and her gear to complete her dissertation documentary. Her degree now has to get completed under these conditions.

I drove to Lancaster and Pendle college with my youngest to clear her room (phase 1). It's not completely empty yet, but nearly. It is sad that her first year, which she had been enjoying so much, has been cut short. I think this was accentuated by the fact that it was such a beautiful, warm day on campus and daffodils had burst up everywhere! The students have got through bleak, wet, dark winter conditions and won't be able to enjoy the spring there, until next year. The campus was pretty much empty apart from the occasional international student in the distance walking about with a mask on & a shopping bag.
We drove back in time for the day's briefing which we were convinced would be announcing lock down...and it did!

We'd got our timings right. We were ready.

Still a very odd feeling though!

How's everyone else doing?


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