wild & precious life

By IrwellRiver

Orange & green

Day 1 following government's announcement to stay home!

Started the day with a beautiful walk with my daughter @FrancescaR
It was so warm and sunny and the birds and the earth seemed to be celebrating. No other usual sounds could be heard (e.g. constant planes taking off nearby or the hum of traffic). The walk helped to counteract the craziness of the past week and gave a sense of hope.
Felt blessed to have so much space near us where we can roam freely. The dogs and I usually go daily to the large disused quarry with its woodland walks, ponds and wildlife (deer, squirrels, red kites, woodpeckers, swans etc) but today's walk took on a whole new meaning!

Hubby got the vintage desk back out of the garage so our youngest daughter now has a study space where she can continue her Uni studies via remote methods (Philosophy). He also power washed the decking so we can sit out there and enjoy Spring with our coffees and books, whenever the opportunity arises. He had annual leave booked this week and so far they are allowing him to take it. I am glad. He needs to rest up for when he returns and the wave hits!

Tuesday is a University work day for me but I'm still not yet managing to separate out my days and work load. Each of my 4 locations is demanding my attention daily. Moral spport from friends on what's app is proving invaluable when it gets overwhelming!

My other daughter sent videos from the farm in Northumberland showing the fields where they can walk (just wow!) and the room that they have set up with two working desks (it looks so lovely with big windows, sofa and a fire). They had made a lovely meal for her boyfriend's parents and are already planning bonfires and other simple distractions.

Trying to limit how much news we now watch to morning and evening summaries. So many feelings for others who are struggling and suffering. Another friend sent a beautiful prayer via what's app which we are going to both say together daily.
Other friends are organising coffee mornings and get-togethers via Zoom.

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