Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

All things bright & beautiful

I have also backblipped yesterday's Made by man ... ..... hope you will have a look ...... thanks to those who already have :-)

Another gorgeous sunny day ....... still chilly but such a joy to see the blue sky :-)

I've been out in the garden for a little while today to make the most of this sunshine ....... sneaked out the front .... while nobody else was about .... to get this Forsythia which is poking through the fence of a neighbour's garden!

Had a phone call from Eldest Son last evening to check how we were doing ..... lovely to hear from him .... thankfully they are all okay at the moment too :-)

Hubby is still working at the moment .... but we think that the bus services will be drastically reduced later this week ..... so maybe he will get more time off.

Despite the new restrictions I saw a group of 5 young men walk past close together! They really don't get how serious this is!

Then saw on the TV an old chap interviewed while out on a mobility scooter saying "I don't listen to Boris, he's not a doctor"! I despair!

Please take care of yourselves .... stay safe & carry on Blipping!

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