Made by man .....


.......... arranged by Tigger!

Thought I'd have a go at Mono Monday again this week ..... thanks to ApolloFly for hosting this month :-)

Struggled to come up with something for this theme of 'manmade' ..... after a few failed attempts at other things I decided I quite like this ..... hope you do too :-)

With the new compulsory restrictions us blippers are going to have to get more inventive!

It is difficult finding something different to blip each day when you are stuck at home ...... I know because that is what my life is usually like. With the exception of a walk with Hubby on a Sunday .... weather permitting ...... & a trip to the supermarket mid week ..... I have to find blips in the house & garden .... or nearby gardens.

You do need to get quite inventive with everyday objects. Summer is much easier ..... bees, butterflies & plenty of flowers. Winter is something very different ..... thankfully the birds still visit & there are different challenges to have a go at. The themes are not always viable though when you are stuck at home!

The best way is to be as inventive as possible ...... use plenty of props ..... especially toys ...... it is a really good excuse to have a play! Happy Blipping!

I ran out of time to catch up yesterday (Monday) ...... hence this backblip ..... I'm just about to do that now!

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