Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

I spy blue sky!

Sunday 22nd March 2020                 (backblip)

What a lovely sight ...... sunshine & blue sky! Shame there was such a cold wind though .... but you can't have everything!

Having put up the trellis the other day we planted the honeysuckle ...... we'll give it a few days to settle in & then start trailing it through ...... can hardly wait until it starts to flower!

We decided to walk up the road & have a wander in the wood this afternoon. It is usually very quiet with few people about .... so hoped we would be safe doing that. We only saw a couple of other people out & we kept a safe distance :-)

Really glad we did ...... so much life about ...... Robins & Wrens singing away ....... a Dunnock, Blackbird & others joining in ...... a lovely accompaniment to our walk :-)

There were several of these Long-tailed Tits flitting around the trees ..... managed to get this one looking skywards .... thought it looked rather cute :-)

The male Chaffinch was looking resplendent in his courting plumage ....... as was the  male Yellowhammer ....... he thought he looked very sexy looking over his shoulder!

I also got another bird (Bottom Left) ...... I am rather stumped as to what it is! This was the best photo I got ..... it was a fair distance away & it refused to turn to face me ..... even though I asked it very nicely!

Can anyone out in Blipland help with the identification please? I have put the image as an extra if that helps. It was a similar size to a House Sparrow or Chaffinch as far as I could tell ...... maybe a wee bit smaller .... but it was difficult to tell at that distance.

Hope you like my choices :-)

Take care & stay safe!

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