Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Yesterday's normal

I set out to get plant food for the front garden, but the store was restricting numbers and there was a long, long queue outside with people respecting social distancing … so I gave up and decided to get some more fresh air instead.

I made my way to Donabate and Portrane for a change. It was blustery though not unpleasant, and I spent a fair while at both spots. The advertising display at the hotel beside Donabate beach caught my eye, seeming very incongruous with the hotel closed and shuttered and nobody thinking about parties right now.

The number of beach walkers was less than I'd expected, but even though there was lots of space, all too many of the groups were flaunting the social distancing recommendations, as shown in one of the Extras. The other shows Donabate's Martello Tower, which has seen better days.

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