By dogwithnobrain

Me and You, Always, And Forever

This home working lark.  Holy moly. 

So we are sitting side by side, three monitors, two pcs, two laptops. two printers. 

We are,  together, in a space which is probably half the size of my desk. 

We are at it for maybe an hour and he takes a support call.   

I have to move my chair back to watch and listen.   I have not seen this man in action (in this way)  

(And by this way.... I mean, I've seen him in action when he was a chef... in the galley and everything; and that was impressive)... but this...

 he's on the head set, he's on the remote access, he's talking the guy through something technical...  Wow I was seriously impressed. 

Another half hour passes, I'm still adding up, still being quiet and he goes on a conference call.  Laughing, sarky comments, techincal stuff, him telling them... 

I'm all there... I am so totally overwhelmed.  Who is this guy I am married to?

He tells me every day, "nope, didn't speak to anyone",  "Nope, don't talk to anyone". 

he's a bloody fibber he is. 

And me... yeah, i still managed to work until 1845 tonight.    

You'd think when I'm sitting in the house I'd manage to finish on time.  

Highlight of the day.  Tooli doing the vacuuming unasked, taking a walk, and then making us a cuppa along with a fruit gum.

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