She dealt out the rations...

Day 2 of Lockdown continues. 

At our desks at 8.30.   I sat with one sheet in front of me.  I knew what I wanted to achieve.  

That piece of paper was still laying on the desk, under a pile of other paper at 1800.  

But I did achieve a whole lot of other things. Just not the things i wanted to. 

Himself was impressive as ever... I am astounded by his chitchat and technical knowledge and his passing information on.  

I said to him "i am working you know".  Just in case he thought I was just sitting there...  

"I can see you are". 

Tooi obliged with the tea and fruit gums again... went for a 5k run (she runs incredibly fast), and almost killed me by making banana pancakes for breakfast when she came back.

In other news...    Covid-19 is the running headline.  And. 

Trump is a moron. 

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