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The mean looks and the same old frustrations

Lock Down Day 3

We were on holiday today.  

Yeah, What is the point? taking a holiday when you are confined to your house?   But I wanted to sleep in.  I wanted a long lie.  

I woke up at 620.  

Went to the loo. Woke Si up getting back into bed.  

We lay there til 7.20 and he said "gonna get up and shoot up to the allotment and finish the potatoes before we are locked out. 

So he got up - and then slowly Tooli and I got up.    We had things to deal with.   

Last night while Tooli was looking after Beau she spotted a FLEA.   We instantly gave her a "KILL THE FLEA" pill and put them out. 

So this morning, the house was hoovered top to bottom; then steamed.  All furniture steamed.   All cat bedding was washed and tumbled at hottest heat. 

And I sent Tooli out to the Pet Shop and got Spray and Shampoo.  

And then we did this.  

Tooli bravely stood in the bath, while I held them down.  My arms (and one boob) are ripped to shreds.  While we washed Beau, she yowled and yowled, In a very deep voice.   We wondered to ourselves, what must Bean be thinking.  

When we opened the bathroom door we knew what she was thinking. 

We then dried Beau and discovered something even worse. A Bloody tick.  I do not know where these cats have been.... 

Anyway, we washed Bean too, who yowled even worse than Beau.  

They hated us now. 

Then we phoned Si and told him to come home and deal with the Tick emergency. 

And deal with it he did.   It helps having an ex-scout for a husband / father.  

And now the cats are happy.   They are soft and fluffy.  There is no scratching.  They have forgiven us. 

And do you know?  There wasn't one bloody flea in that water.  

This Aint A Love Song

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