If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis)

A very strange and frustrating day.  I had one job and one job only in mind.   Did I get it done?  Did I heck as like.

First problem.  In our rush we had used an out of date card to pay for our order from the supermarket.  No problem just ring this number.  55 minutes later I thought I had got it sorted.  "Just hold the line Mr Kane while I phone that through to the store"  I told them they weren't answering the phone.  "Ah we have a hotline for things like this it will be answered"  5 minutes later.  "They haven't answered the phone!  I have left a voice mail and am sending an email.  Don't worry there is plenty of time before your time slot".   The slot came and went.  Another half hour wasted trying to get through to them and now they tell me it will be delivered on Thursday.

In among things I made a start on replacing the personnel door on the garage.   It turned into a bigger job then I expected.  Just when I had got to the stage of needing an extra pair of hands a message came in from the Mate.  He has an allergic reaction which occasionally causes his tongue to swell.  Today it was swelling much more badly, so Clickychick went over to see if she could help.  Well she did, she popped him in an ambulance and off to hospital.   The message from the hospital says he is much improved but because of the amount of drugs it had needed they would keep him until tomorrow for observation.

The blip!  I nearly forgot.  A last minute shot of some Lungwort from the garden.

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