Penguin Puzzle

Sheltering in place works like this: You don't give it to anyone--you don't get it from anyone.
—Tom Hanks, recovering with his wife in Australia from Covid19

It is just about 1,000 steps from the bottom of the driveway to the back gate into the field....all uphill. I did the round trip three times today.

It is just about fifty steps down the hall the length of the house from the porch door to the outside bedroom door. I’ve done that about 20 times today since it started raining.

I don’t know where Dana and Jim got John’s puzzle, but it was part of a goodie bag that appeared on our porch after Dana and Jim’s mad dash back from Spain. He got rained on in the garden and opened this puzzle.

He has a little 'victory garden'* started in the garage. He up-potted most of the tomato plants into 4" pots and will do the same with the chili plants when they get bigger. 

Ozzie snores gently in his bed almost all the time except when he barks for treats or to go outside or when we’re not doing what he thinks we should be doing.

John’s computer refuses to connect to the internet. Even Jim, our technical advisor, is unable to figure out why. Another Face Time consultation tonight. In the meantime all our financial records are locked within. Probably just as well since the economy is rapidly approaching meaninglessness....

It’s a huge problem that is nobody’s fault and everybody’s responsibility...

“A lot of us seem to be hardwired to resist and find ways around that which at best doesn't  make sense to us or at worst to flaunt restrictions that, well, restrict us. Perhaps it is a way of feeling we have some control. It is an act of love and of great sacrifice to give up our personal freedom not only for our own good but for the good of humanity.

Be well everyone, and be strong...


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