By Shutterup

Today was the day

I have had a thoroughy over ignored bowl of Sempervivum for a few years now and today l spotted two bricks with nice holes in them dumped in the skip.  It reminded me that about 15 years ago l saw someone growing semperivum in this type of brick and had always wanted to give it a go... so here we are! I thought l would show you the start and end result... l am thrilled.  Bottom right shows the two bricks and also my probably flawed plan to grow som on a roof capping tile. Big and right angled... l put some soil down planted the sempervivum and then found some local stones to stop the earth washing or blowing away and topped it all with may not work but looked nice today :)

It was a glorious day... warm and spring like and l have been busy sowing seeds.  I do hope they grow and do well. 

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