Black Cherry

By AlaBerPhotos

Get use of

My son is much better thank you, but off the food for some morning time.
He only asked to make him chicken broth/rosołek and I said we ran out of chicken.
So he said to make him a veggie one.

I turned the fridge out to find all of the veg I could use.
In went all the root gang, garlic, ginger root, all the herbs and bay leaves from my neighbour harvest.
I found some figs needed to be turned into something nice quick and I made sweet ’n spicy fig jam. Now in the fridge waiting to be used.
In the last Monday before this Monday panic I bought too many avocados so I turned them into healthy chocolate and coconut truffles and it’s proudly featuring as my Blip entry today.
My worst critic Helena even accepted them with delight and ranked good 10. She was amazed it was mashed avo with melted dark chocolate.
They are truly moorish and melt in the mouth, you would never taste avocado in there.

And lastly I had used rocket salad leaves and bunch of basil that was dying to be transformed into this yummy and spicy pesto with roasted hazelnuts and sunflower seeds. Proudly featuring as extra photo.

A xo

Recipe here

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