Black Cherry

By AlaBerPhotos

Life goes on

Perks of having teenage daughter who likes smoothies a lot and made me this one.
Plain and simple strawberry (fresh and frozen), bananas, more ice and coconut sugar!
Blitzed few times on high speed creating this slushy looking and amazingly tasting thing.

It’s very sunny today, and instead of planned little walk with Alan, I had to withdraw due to him being with high temperature, again.

So cooking instead :-)
I already made my kids dinner, favourite when unwell and my bow to Polish cuisine.
Cauliflower soup with chunky veg and Kopytka (Gniocchi) which I’m gonna Pan fry with butter and sage after brief cooking in hot water. I always loved them really fried well done so they were cracking under my teeth, just the one I made for myself today, extra photo attached.

A xo

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