Star Trails

There was a clear sky yesterday evening and no wind. I live in a heavily light polluted area but decided to have another practice at star trails.  If I could have gone somewhere more interesting I would have persuaded J to tag along and hang around for a long time while I did this.  Owing to current movement restrictions I had to make do with my back yard.  The north star is directly behind me.  To turn around and get the circular trails around the north star would have meant a boring rooftop in the foreground as well as the neighbours lights so I made the best of what was on offer - the oak tree.

This image is done using Live Composite on the Olympus EM1 mkiii - with over an hour's worth of continuous 20 second exposures - I think I will try 10 second exposures next time to see if I can get smoother trails  You can just see the trails of a couple of planes going through too.

As I switched off the camera after midnight I am counting this as today's blip!  Live online judging tonight which should be interesting.

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