By Bom

Spout Hills

For my daily permitted walk I went to Spout Hill this morning, just off the High Street. It was another gloriously sunny day and got quite warm this afternoon when I was doing some gardening. I saw about a dozen people whilst out, the women were very courteous and kept themselves and their children more than a 2m distance, but I'm afraid to say the guys just walked as normal including one bloke who stood on a narrow bridge and didn't move until I stood hand on hips and gave him a 'Paddington hard stare'! I signed up to be an NHS Volunteer Responder, in a 'check-in and chat' role (due to health issues), providing telephone support to those at risk of loneliness due to self isolation. I rescued a very sleepy peacock butterfly from the garage (see Extra). 
Day 10 / Day 2 of Lockdown (for my record only)
UK deaths up 43 to 465 (Eng figures lower and very late); Italy up 683 to 7503 and Spain up 738 to 3434, overtaking China. New York State has had over 5,000 new cases in the last 24 hours, making a total of 30,811 cases with 285 deaths and is considering closing New York city to cars.  US lawmakers agree a near $2 trillion stimulus package. Unbelievably Trump says he hopes the US will shake off coronavirus by Easter.  About a quarter of the world's 7.8bn population is now in lockdown with over 20,000 deaths. The UN has appealed for $2bn to fight Covid-19. 
Prince Charles has tested positive for Covid 19 with mild symptoms, the Queen is in good health. Nearly half a million universal credit applications processed in last 9 days. NHS Volunteer Responders scheme has exceeded its target of 250,000 with 405,000 volunteering in a day. Commons challenges the PPE shortages, insufficient testing and non-emergency construction work continuing. Lords approve the emergency coronavirus legislation and Parliament will rise tonight for at least 4 weeks. MOTs tests are extended for 6 months from 30th March. Parking charges to be suspended for NHS staff, volunteers and social care workers. Dyson received initial order of 10,000 ventilators from NHS. Off licences have been added to the list of essential retailers amid reports of supermarkets selling out of beer and wine!!!

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