Eric Morecambe in his shed

A tiny bit of essential shopping; only 15 people in the store at any one time. As we queued, the guy said, are you together? We are, I said. Just about. Almost not, she said. That’s what’ll get us through this together! Our world beating sense of humour, oh yes.
Anyway, 50% off ALL plants and bulbs. That’s a decent saving when you’re loading two flatbed trolleys as full as they can be loaded.
Back to toodle about in the garden, dig manure into patch number one, and plant out a couple of little ferns. 
But excitement was in the air. Palpable. Our first regular Wednesday night since the draconian imposition of the ban on pubs and gatherings and fun and everything! We were never as prompt at getting into the real pub as this. By 9pm, nine of us had strolled in and were soon yappering like we’d never been away. I thought I’d drink more slowly not being in a round - that was wrong. Before I had to depart for the 11:35 virtual bus, plans were laid for a Friday teatime pint. Things are looking up!

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