As we are limited in how much we can go out, I feel fortunate to have a garden where we can spend time - and we have made good use of the continuing fine weather to work out there.

Ingeborg's theme for today's "Abstract Thursday" is "Inside" - recognising the constraints on our movements.  I started off inside, photographing a glass paperweight, but I was not impressed by my results.  So I went into the garden (still "inside" the boundaries of my house) to try superimposing an image I had already taken on to a photograph of some of the garden colour.  However, the results "in camera" left me similarly unimpressed. 

By this time other tasks were calling on my time, so this evening I have combined the image of the paperweight and the image of the garden in Photoshop, using "Pin Light" as the blending mode for the two layers. I'm still not wildly impressed with the result, but it is the best I can do today.

I have seen so many ideas for creative photographs while we are in lock down, so I need to experiment a bit more - if I can find the time. I seem to have found so many jobs to do during this period that I'm worried how I'll cope when we are allowed (and expected) out again!

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