By PicturePoems


Went for our usual permitted one-walk-per-day and couldn't resist photographing these narcissi growing in the grass verge of one of the lanes. I'm sure they must have been planted at some point years ago. They're a delight every spring.

Now wait for it: last night - despite over 90 mins of lying awake amidst my periods of slumber - I managed to clock up over eight hours' sleep! As you can imagine, I feel a lot better for it. That said, I didn't wake until 10a.m. (rather late for my daily tablets), but not too late.

And the other piece of good news - probably not unrelated - my cough is on the wane. Not entirely gone, but I'm definitely coughing less, exactly three weeks since the cold began.

Thanks for all the lovely responses to my yesterblip.

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