Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter


I collected my new glasses. Specsavers phoned three times (different people each time) between yesterday and today asking me if I'd prefer to have them posted out, explaining that they were anxious to keep contact at a minimum. The off-the-shelf specs I've been using as a stop-gap were okay, butI really need proper prescription glasses for close work, so stuck to my guns. When I got there I told the guy on guard at the entrance that there was no need to go through the usual procedure of trying them on and tweaking the fit, and I stood outside while they check my receipt and popped the glasses in a bag. So, only arms-length contact.

It was around 2:30, so I took myself over to St Anne's Park again, this time entering the grounds near the causeway rather than using the Red Stables entrance. This is the area with the little pond and the mock temple overlooking it. I strolled around for 40 minutes or so enjoying the sunny fresh air. It took me a long time to choose a blip, but opted by this one in the end. There's a few more extras (including an Underpaid sticker on a pole).

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