By spannarama

Daily constitutional

Another busy, stressful day of work.  Had a bit of a meltdown this morning, but Tim helped me through it.  Ended up devoting a bit of time to sticking all my tasks in a spreadsheet and categorising them; with the bonus that I shared it with my colleague Jack and he took a couple of items on for me.  Spoke to several of my colleagues today - had an online CRM meeting this morning, spoke to Char afterwards, then Char and Mags (together) later on, and also called Joanna this afternoon for quite a long catch up.

Carried on working while Tim went for his bike ride this evening, then stopped when he got back, and went out for another short walk myself.  I hadn't meant to leave it quite so late, but it worked out well as there was a lovely sunset getting going.

Absolutely exhausted this evening.  Cooked a big veggie chilli though, and then collapsed onto the sofa!

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