simple moments

By simplemoments

an exotic...


called a ‘miltonia orchid’

and if you could - smell through your screen - you’d be in adoration - of the heavenly aroma - it’s emitting from its blossoms - most divine

i admit i’d never heard of - this particular orchid before - today and probably would still - be ignorant of it if not - for needing to run an errand - my state went on the official ‘stay at home lockdown’ - at 6 a.m. this morning however - i had already planned on - doing several essential errands - one of which included a mandatory - hunt for toilet paper - yes, i am in need - only because i failed to stockpile - like all the other manic - people in my neighborhood - well after stopping at 3 stores - no less, there was nothing, nada, to be found - except

i did find this plant - so it became my new mantra - when there’s no tp - get flowers - much prettier - they light up a room - bring a smile to your face - put joy in your heart - plus they make it...


happy day.....

p.s. i am still out of toilet paper... well, not entirely true - i have 2 rolls left and counting!

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