By Beewriter


With staff going into isolation and some off sick we have people who have left the collections department to work in other areas of NHSBT being redeployed back onto the frontline. Those with nursing backgrounds are being retrained so that if our nurses are off sick they can help out so we don’t have to cancel sessions. Blood stocks are okay but could easily slide into crisis if donors don’t attend or staffing levels drop considerably. Today Liam returned to the team, we gave him the job of ‘spotter’....overseeing the unload and load of the lorry to make sure all goes ahead safely. He donned the spotter’s orange jacket and modelled it beautifully in the sunshine.

It was the big clap for the NHS tonight at 8pm. We were still working then, but our manager, Ella, rang to send a clap over the phone which we appreciated. Some of the videos of the clapping were amazing. We are dealing with healthy people...hopefully!!!...but those in hospitals dealing with the sick certainly deserve a huge clap. I think supermarket staff need a big clap next.

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