In Which We Go Outside, and Feel Better For It

It's been a strange time, in which we've spent most of our days indoors, trying to stay away from other people. But after our supper (which was a lovely thing: baked ham and mashed potatoes and gravy and sweet corn), my husband said, "Let's go somewhere." And so we set off for the other end of the gameland, SGL 176 the Scotia Barrens.

The shooting range is among the many things closed now. So it was pretty quiet there, along the closed road which you may see in this photo. And we only saw a few people drive past on the road on the other side. We walked a little ways and put our chairs up on a hillside where we could enjoy the fresh air and watch the sky as evening began to fall.

The evening is a time that we are not usually out unless we are camping out. And being out of the house, after both of us being so sick and so shut in, felt so good. The scrubby pines reminded us both of some spots we know in Ocala National Forest, in northern Florida, where we used to go on winter vacations. Memories of happy times. It was liberating. I finally felt free again.

The soundtrack song is this one by Eddie Vedder, from the film Into the Wild; here is Setting Forth.

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