This evening as I was getting ready to finish work I received a text from Julie to say she had lost her purse . Having not been in any shops there was nowhere she could have left it. She had been over to Metheringham to visit her parents and help them out so she wondered if she had dropped it when she had a problem with her phone. She had sat on this tree stump next to a hedge just of the footpath. We jumped in the car to check out the area. Upon arriving thankfully she found it in the grass next to this tree stump so she was very lucky as it been there for around 7 hours. I decided to grab a shot of the tree stump for my blip to make the 18 mile round trip worthwhile.
Back home a spot of tea and now a relaxing evening with a spot of TV.
The weekend is here and I'm off work typical the weather is set to change not that we can go to far but it is nice to take your daily exercise walk in sunshine. Things have changed at work now and we are only doing essential deliveries to key public service projects  my branch is the chosen one to be central cover the whole of North Lincolnshire. We are only having so many key staff in from the area to help run things but it does mean I will be working 1 week on 2 weeks off for how ever long the current situation lasts .
Well enjoy the weekend and stay safe 

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