By TMac


I am very aware that the past few weeks have been sneakily building anxiety.
I am worried.
Our business is under tremendous threat.
We are both stressed.
We are massively worried about our staff.
We worry about animal welfare and the emotional welfare of their owners.
Will we even have a business in 2 months?
Is it really that important?
Probably not.
We are resilient.
Vets are innovative and tough.
Others may not be so lucky.
We now find ourselves hearing of cases of Covid 19 closer to home, affecting families we know.
One of my closest friends is a GP and for the first time in over 30 years of friendship tells me she is tired and that things are difficult.
I am struggling to sleep.


I have 3 amazing children, made with my wonderful husband.

We live in a beautiful area.

And the three teenagers willingly came on my walk with me today.

I welled up a little as they chatted about their memories from primary school, wound each other up, and generally made me feel a wee bit better.

I took better photos today.

But, today was about them.

And what they do for me, without even realising.

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