By scribbler

In the wilderness

The Hebrew letters say ba-midbar: in the wilderness, or in the desert.
Our world is in the wilderness now.
I'm looking for meaning in this painting I made a little over a year ago.

The shepherd is leading his sheep into the wilderness. That must mean that God who is our shepherd has some good to accomplish there. Expect good. Look for blessings, even in the wilderness.
The face with the little beard is Pharaoh. The government? A possible threat, but he can only look over the scene to watch it unfold. His power is ebbing away.
The little fox is freespiral's wild Irish fox Fineen, looking over her shoulder as if to say, "Hurry up and join us." She is Blipfoto as a source of connection in a time of social distancing and isolation.
There is a pool of water in the desert, but it's occupied by an alligator! Coronavirus? There are dangers to be avoided. Six feet between people! Wash your hands!
What looks like empty desert is full of words. It's hard to read them, but they show that the very earth is speaking, God is speaking. In the silence of the wilderness, listen.

Today as I meditated, after being alone in my home for days, I had a vision of being surrounded by the communion of saints, my beloved dead, my friends near and far—including you. One after the other, as the pictures changed, I was weeping with gratitude. We may feel alone, but we are not alone. 
Think good thoughts about someone today. Maybe someone you've never met. The Holy Spirit just might deliver your blessing. 

Blessings to friends throughout the world!

Be well!

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