Corvid Fiesta

By CorvidFiesta

Day 4

It was dreich with a capital D today but we needed a little shopping so I went out before lunch to get it. Edinburgh was deserted and the people out, definitely more than 2 metres apart. I went past my old work and then up Johnston Terrace to the Esplanade where there was no one; there’s a first time for everything. There were a couple of cars parked by St Giles but apart from a couple of runners, me and a couple also out for a walk it was deserted. The blip is taken looking down the Royal Mile from besides the Fringe Office and I was lucky to get the Deliveroo courier going off down towards Princes Street. I went to the Sainsbury’s in Shandwick Place, and came out with way more than I went in for as there was a lot of food half price as presumably their footfall has greatly reduced with the absence of working people at lunch and in the evening. The extra is of Shandwick Place showing the lack of people and traffic.
In other news I couldn’t help smiling at the news that Johnson and Hancock had contracted Covid-19; should have listened to government advice to work from home I guess. Oh wait they are the government :)

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