wild & precious life

By IrwellRiver

The swan wins!

Day 4

Daily walk with Francesca.

Caesar and Bruno were playing in the pond, when suddenly we heard the loud flap of the swan's wings and saw it flying towards us! It was fearless and intimidating and wanted us gone! We scarpered! But as this was all happening & just after a quick snap for Blip, I accidentally dropped my phone fully in the pond. In these times of 'lock down', panic rose up within me as I thought about all the lifelines that I currently have at my fingertips...BLIP, what's app groups, the phone line, Duo, emails etc. NNNNnnnoooooo!

Somehow, miraculously, nothing happened! The screen stayed on and the phone didn't shut down. It just kept on faithfully working! Thank goodness... as technology is essential now like never before!

Returned home to another afternoon & evening of work appointments via phone or Zoom and admin. I'm hoping things will soon start to calm down on the work front as it's taken over somewhat!

Sat down late for the news. The scenes from Italy are just heart- breaking & distressing. The death toll, the grief and powerlessness, the Pope on his own in St Peters Square. It's just too much to take in and I am feeling the collective grief and sorrow.

Had to round off the day with some Peter Kay just to try and have some normality and laughter.

Extras: I like the reflections in this photo / the swan heading our way!

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