wild & precious life

By IrwellRiver

Polypore in the woods

Day 5 - Saturday

Saturday a.m. working from home.
Saturday p.m. ...rest & self care. This included a walk around the duck pond & colouring in a rainbow (see today's blip post for my daughter @FrancescaR ). It helped to colour when we are feeling so much distress for Italy and the world.

Francesca also made a delicious healthy dinner in the slow cooker for us - lentil & cauliflower stew, which in reality also had loads of other veg in it (kale, carrots, celery, leeks, tomato). She was chopping away for ages and only afterwards realised it was a recipe to feed 10! That will keep us going nicely :)

Google lens is great. You can learn about all kinds of things from a single photo. With a click of a button, it detects the content of your photo and then tells you all about what you have photographed by directing you to appropriate websites. This blip took me into the world of fungi and polypores and their role in the forest ecosystem.

Extra : same swan /different day
and a splash of bright colour

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