By TrishaR


Up at 6 got ready and was at Tesco Edinburgh Road for just after 7 when it opened.  They have a policy of allowing 50 in at a time. One person per trolley which is wiped down and they give you as you go in.  There are markers outside for the social distancing if there are more than 50 in the shop.  There is a separate entrance and exit.  Markers are on the floor in the aisles so only one is in the square at one time. checkouts have markers too.  Managed to get everything needed apart from toilet rolls, which weren’t for me were for my mum as doing her shopping at same time.  The experience was relaxed thankfully as wasn’t looking forward to it but it was fine.  That’s it done for the week.  Will get the butcher during the week.

We walked down to the vet as Breagha was due her worm tablet.  Policy there is call them from outside the door and they come out with the prescription.  They are only doing emergencies at the moment.

Walked up by the Gang’s house and saw that the bread they asked me to get for them was still where I left it in the morning (extra) LOL!  

Took my cuppa in the afternoon up to the south facing back bedroom and lo and behold fell asleep for 2 hours!  This is unheard of....  Breagha also joined me.

Chat with mum on FT later, she was feeling a bit out of sorts mentally which is a bit worrying as they are confined to their individual flats in the sheltered home.  We will be up with her shopping tomorrow which we have a plan of action.

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