a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Tidy at last

"So what did you do during the Great Pandemic Granddad?"  

"Oh I spent my time reorganising my guitar pedal board and playing the guitar...." 

Hmm, might need to work on that response a bit.  

Its been a relaxing day here.  I popped out to the local pharmacy to get a repeat prescription and was fortunate to hit it when no one else was around, so did not need to worry too much about social distancing.  It was strange walking to the shop - you notice how very quiet it is now.  We live under the flight path for Bristol Airport and over the years have grown use to the regular air traffic (although to be fair the planes have got quieter over the years and seem to fly higher than they did at first so are not quite as irritatingly disruptive). It has been a while since a plane flew over.  There were no moving vehicles on the side roads, and even the main A4 between Bristol and Bath was pretty quiet, so there was very little traffic noise either.

The clocks spring forward an hour in the UK tonight, so it is already an hour later than it would normally be (if you see what mean). 

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