By PicturePoems

Twenty-four little hours ...

Two of the photos in this triptych were taken today. The first was a delayed-timer selfie of me and Mr PP on our walk yesterday ... before I gave him a haircut! Hmm. Well, it will look better in two or three weeks' time - a bit severe at the moment. The other difference with our walk today was that the wind had got up. After catching whooping cough on the beach on a windy day four years ago, I'm well aware that viruses can be airborne, so I decided to use my scarf to good effect. Did receive a rather amused look from one of our neighbours as we returned home from our walk as they were setting off, but I was taking no chances.

Perhaps I was being silly? But it is Silly Saturday!

(As for my hair, I gave it a trim a couple of days ago; not perfect, but made it a bit more comfortable.)

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