By dreaming

Another view

On my walk today I found another window with something to photograph.  I played around with this trying to make the branches stand out,

I finished my soup today, although I need to correct the seasoning because it's rather bland.  And I made egg salad, as a quick grab when my blood sugar plummets.  If I have the energy tomorrow, I'm planning on making an apple cobbler with the aging bag of apples in the fridge.  I haven't done this much cooking in years.

Otherwise, everything is the same.  I suppose that's a good thing.  On my walk I didn't touch anything except my own door handles.  Lex will bring groceries tomorrow, so I'll have to figure out a way to sanitize them before the get into the apartment.  I wish Lex could come in - I could really use a hug.  I hope you all have in-house loved ones to make life easier.

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