While on my runs

By waipushrink

As if they were waiting for her; Day Four

Woke to a clear morning, so went for a jog down to Western Springs Lake. Few others were out at 0715. One who was, is a woman whom I have previously blipped. For about a decade she has ridden her bike around these streets, and the observable uniform has been the same. Gumboots (or Wellingtons), a hat, a surgical mask, and a sheet (worn like a surplice) on which she has written her various messages, mostly against the Church and the Police. And for most of that time it has been the local cats who wait for her.

She became convinced that local cats were being starved, and therefore she has fed them on street corners. Many cats greet her warmly; not so their owners. They have complained to Police. She told me that when I spoke to her some years ago, on the street corner. She spoke freely. 

Arising out of the involvement of Police she has seen a conspiracy emerging which involves the owners of the cats, the Roman Catholic church, the Police, and (of course) Mental Health Services, when she was referred back to them by different agencies. She harms no one; she does not harm herself; she takes care of herself, even if she refuses treatment.

All that I know about her, is what she told to this old runner (carrying a camera) who (those years ago) chose to stop and talk with her. She gave willing consent then for her photo to be taken. I did not chase after her this morning to gain renewed consent; I was headed the other direction on the other side of the road (physical distancing was observed). 

Instead I carried on down the hill to the lake, and the early morning birds. The best photo from there was when I was on the western side of the lake and the sun was rising above the hills to the east, and producing a light track across the water. It has become an extra for today.

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