Two steps forward...

By stevvi

Two Tree Island, Essex

I was up in time for sunrise again, but ignored it in favour of a coffee. My waist has been expanding in the last week and it occurred to me that my usual habit of going out to take a photo and coincidentally having a walk wasn't getting me the exercise I need in these days of partial lockdown. With that in mind I decided to go out for a walk and take some photos along the way. It's only a small adjustment but an important one nonetheless as I've exceeded my 10k steps for the first time quite a while.

The walk was lovely, even though the wind was cold, but the photo opportunities were minimal but I really wasn't too bothered about that. If you look, there's a lot in this photo and I like that. The sunlight shining off the mudflats was as beautiful as it always is... one of my favourites.

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