By Dakers

Rush Hour

I was out and about taking my one exercise for the day when I took today’s Blipfoto with a new camera, which I am still getting acquainted with.

Allegedly it has a 24 megapixel sensor, so I am puzzling why the image is less than 1 Mb.

There is an answer somewhere in the 180 page manual.

Traffic on the road has dropped quite markedly and cars usually have the driver only.

The bus are also driver only for any I saw were bereft of passengers.

Again, we have been conversing with our friends across continents and also a few in Scotland.

Already it is becoming clear that some will find the staying at home regulations quite difficult to deal with, no matter what technology is to hand.

We are gradually deciding what hobbies we can start again and also what work we can do in the garden and around the house.

We have become Netflix addicts, especially the films. We watched Edie this evening. Followed by Fangio.

We had a minor crisis, when our Broadband broke down, completely.

This could be a major disaster, for the fault appeared to be one that would require a "linesman from the County".

As a sort of temporary fix  I changed the tariff on my mobile phone and increased the amount of data x 25 times for a £ more.

Done immediately.

And immediately after that the Broadband sprang into life and now appears to be very much faster.

The weather is very cold with a wind from the north.

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