By Dakers

Light, Mirrors and Reflections

The clocks sprung forward at 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

I got out of bed a little later than planned, and after showering and shaving, I started the twice yearly task of adjusting clocks.

After the oven and the analogue clock in the kitchen, I decided that making Coffee was the most important task. The other clocks and timers can wait.

Today’s Blipfoto was taken during the clock task. I just like reflections, mirrors and light.

The forecast is for warmer weather and that turned out to be accurate.

The local news is that Doctor Forster has finished his self isolation and is now heading home to be reunited with his better half.

His Doctor next door neighbour is improving, but still awaiting the result of his Corona test.

I receive this news as Doctor Forster and I are placing our waste bins at the kerb side for collection.

Observing Social Distancing we converse at a distance of 4 metres apart.

Dr F informs me that Listerine is a very effective anti-viral cleaner.

Traffic even less today and I now make a point of waving to the bus drivers who are driving empty buses up and down the road.

After my increasing walk consisting of walking out of one gate and in the other, it is time for lunch, with a rather fine Lebanese Wine.

Pat has spent this morning preparing the shopping list for our Tuesday delivery. Sainsbury’s are handling this very well, as we are in the "vulnerable people" group.

Alexa is very good at remembering all of the items we have added to the list during the week.

I am very taken with all the jokes that are appearing on Facebook and more seriously, how community groups are getting together to help others.

In many ways they  could be more effective than the Politicians.

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