Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Familiar Face

I love having these little birds around all year.  They are entertaining, vocal and quite endearing.  In general, nuthatches are just very agreeable birds to have around.  

I awoke to thunder and lightening this morning followed by pounding rains. It moved through fairly quickly, leaving a steady drizzle and temps in the 50's in its wake.  Since my hide was already set up, I decided to spend a bit of time out there which was most enjoyable.  It also kept me from obsessively checking the news every 5 minutes which simply isn't good for anyone right now.

Yesterday, the person who occupies the Oval Office of the White House made a rather careless comment about putting New York, New Jersey and parts of Connecticut under "quarantine".  Needless to say, that caused a lot of uncertainty and unrest in an area that already feels as if it is under seige.  Add to that the fact that such measures had not been discussed with the Governors of the three states ... well, you get the idea.  It fizzled into a rather weak statement from the CDC very late last night about limiting travel - as if we aren't already doing that!  People in positions of power need to be very careful with what they say right now.  Speculation and idle riffs aren't responsible and do no one a bit of good at all.  

Well, as you might have guessed, my nerves are a bit frayed today.  Perhaps I need to spend some more time in the hide...

Stay safe out there, people.  Be kind.


Covid 19 Stats
Positive cases in NJ as of 1PM today - 13,386
Deaths in NJ - 161
Positive cases in Sussex County - 93

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