Learning to photograph

By H0tamer


Often, when I take the dog Omo for a walk, I see a kind of shelter completely ingrown in the hill. Gras and trees all over it.

I never ever stopped and had a look. I only saw three holes that looked like windows, and one that must have been the door.

Today I brought my camera and spend some time investigating this strange "building". Was it a shelter, a barn, a bunker? Or even a deserted house?

The door like entrance was blocked by tree trunks, the window holes were too high above ground level (of the barn, not of the surrounding earth) to crawl in. So I could only take some pictures from the outside.

On this picture, at the rear end side, you can see the trees at the entrance. You can also see the gras coming through the roof at the left hand side.

I assume this was a shelter or a barn in the past. Temperature must have been moderate in winters, and at least it was dry. Perhaps some day it will be used again, who knows.

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