Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG

Front porch culture

In parts of the US, the front porch, or stoop, plays a big role in visits with friends and neighbors. It hasn't been such a huge tradition here in the northwest, but now during social distancing, it's the only way we get to see each other except on screens. This afternoon, Brie and Brian stopped by with Ms. N and Mr. J - both full of energy, as you can see. Ms. N was in Laurie's last cohort and her brother J is in the current one. Laurie's child care business will be closed at least until the end of April. Vacations are nice, but she's starting to really miss the children now!

Extra photo: Liza and I stopped to have a porch visit with Lila (see earlier posts about Mike and Lila). Since Liza doesn't have to keep her distance, she was able to go up on the porch and have a cuddle with Lila. 

And in keeping with the porch theme, we'll go out in about 1/2 hour to raise our voices and make a lot of noise of gratitude for the healthcare workers and other essential workers who are keeping us going. It's a nightly ritual now, all over the world! Are you doing this?

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