By davidc

MonoMonday: Point (Blank Range)

When my Editor kindly suggested "Point Blank" for my blip (on ApolloFly's chosen topic of "Point" for today's MM challenge), little did she know that I'd be press-ganging her into being the subject of today's horror photo as she tried to escape upstairs. Gosh, have things come to this after only ONE week of lockdown...?!!

Actually, the toy gun has an interesting history. About 20 years ago, my Editor took Son#3 (who was probably about 7 or 8 years old then) and her Mum on a short break to Paris for the 50th birthday party of her sister-in-law who was living there at the time (I was working and couldn't join them on that trip). While there they fitted in a day at Disneyland and Son#3 bought this gun - he liked it particularly as it's actually very realistic and doesn't have the usual red tip which toy guns usually have nowadays.

Can you guess what I'm going to say next? They were going through security at the airport on the way home when the staff suddenly became very interested in the screen on the X-ray scanner. My Mum-in-law said, "Oh, it'll be my fold-up walking stick". But it wasn't. Our young lad had his gun in his backpack! Fortunately this was before 9/11 and the staff saw the funny side: they wrapped it up and got it put into the hold so that it was retrieved on arrival back at Newcastle airport. The perils of travelling with young children.

(I'm pleased to say that no Editor was harmed during the taking of this photo. The gun doesn't work any more...)

Musical link: Point Blank by Bruce Springsteen.

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