Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Hearts For Heroes #1

I'm so grateful for all those supporting us in this crisis, people going out of the safety of their homes every day to make sure we all get the essential things we need to survive this pandemic. If we are the unfortunate ones who fall ill, we know we have a wonderful team of NHS staff waiting to do all they can for us, having to put aside their own fears.

There are also many workers going into factories to manufacture crucial components for the health service to save our lives. Times have never been harder for the present generation.

I'm not on prescribed medication, myself, but I care about those who are and hope they will continue to get the prescriptions they need. My tablets are Vitamin D to help me through the dark days. At a worrying time like this it's best to avoid anxiety and SAD, in fact Public Health England recommend everyone should take this supplement. Look it up and see whether it might help you.

Lockdown Day 7.  Good thing today: Zoom family video chat.

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