By Stella2

Battling it out

I was out early this morning and the weather was cloudy and cold.  The tide was going out at White Bridge and the scene from here not as inviting as when lit by the early morning sun.  I decided to walk along the river path towards Otterton and soon came across these male Pheasants jostling with each other.  A little further on I spotted a Little Egret but not that many other birds really.  Heading back by an inland path a couple of dog walkers appeared but overall it was a peaceful but cold walk.

The rest of the day seems to have disappeared, I never got round to doing any Pilates I find it difficult to do at home.  Although I did manage to catch ups with a couple of friends by phone. I made a cake and a store cupboard Shepherds Pie using tuna, onions chard and sweetcorn with a sweet potato and potato topping.  The fridge is very empty so I think it will have to be a shop tomorrow.  I have managed to get a 15 minute slot to visit a local farm shop on Saturday. They now have a system where you wash your hands then enter and have 15 minutes inside to purchase your goods and they then clean after you before the next customer arrives.  This sounds good.

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