All is not as it seems ...

..... life here in New Zealand is definitely askew.
I had that feeling when I captured this image this afternoon, walking on the beach. I hope you get the same feeling.

I was happily walking with my neighbour/buddy though. We singles are allowed, even encouraged, to have a buddy that we can interact with, and trust to keep our 'bubble' intact. J. & I enjoyed our walk together today, sharing thoughts and views on many issues - how surprising! LOL

My heart goes out to Munroist4113 and others in the UK, Italy, Spain and the US. The situation is beyond grim.

Our NZ totals today are
58 new cases
647 in total.
12 in hospital, 2 in intensive care - but stable.
Deaths - still remain at 1.

Our current situation could still well ramp up suddenly and we are being prepared for that. It seems as though the 'best case' scenario that has been prepared states that we can expect 100 deaths. I'd hate to let you know what the worst case scenario is. It doesn't bear repeating.

By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination. 
Christopher Colombus

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