Rather Worse For Wear Back Gate Hinge

I had a treat this morning as Mel phoned to tell me about the work she’s been doing with China while I am unable to get to the yard. She’s going to work him 3 days a week in hand to keep him fit and working his core and back muscles until I get back riding again.

This morning, I also had a telephone physio appointment for my shoulder. Not quite what I expected and I have just ended up with another set of exercises. I will try them and hopefully they’ll work this time.

I needed to brave the supermarket today and I decided to try a later time slot to avoid the queues. It paid off as I had a short wait to get in and had I left it 20 mins later I would have walked straight in...so in future 8pm shopping trips it is! The shelves were well stocked but I seemed to spend a lot of money..,luckily I am not planning going back again for a few weeks.

I didn’t get my ‘government approved daily exercise’ today as with work as well I didn’t have a chance...so I am ashamed to say this is actually our rather worse for wear back gate hinge.

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