By TrishaR

Keeping in touch

Had a fabulous walk over to Mailer Hill this morning.  Weather was beautiful and stoped for a while in the silver birch wood and all you could hear was the birds chirping.  Bliss.

On my own for the walk again and never met a soul till got back into the houses nearby.  Even saw my old car looking so clean parked up in one of the streets nearby.

Came home and lay on the bed after lunch with my book then nodded off for over an hour...   Barbara called around 4pm saying that there was a cat in her greenhouse and worried it was trapped so went over to check and no cat but we had another chat this time garden to window.  We discussed her upcoming 100th birthday end of June and I suggested a disco in the garden but she thought for a moment then decided that better with just a small affair LOL!!

The family walked up and passed over a rainbow picture for my window that Ben had drawn.  So hard that they cannot come in and Breagha was howling and whining to see them :-(

FaceTime later with mum and the gang and noticed my mum's hair is turning Rasta..... 

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